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About Me

Welcome to my site!

You want to know more about me?  Well isn't that sweet.

The Short Version:  I am currently based in Minneapolis, MN but I am eagerly awaiting any excuse to travel.  While I primarily turn my lens toward the outdoors I am open to many new ideas and experiences.

The Long Version:  My path with photography isn't so clear cut.  It started when I was in high school and I was using regular SLR cameras and developing film on those special spools.  I could create prints in a darkroom using enlargers and chemicals, writing my numbers on the backs of my photographs incase I ever wanted or needed to reprint something.  (This proved to be less than helpful when my photographs were stolen from their display.  It was a frustrating and flattering sort of crime.)  Rounding the corners into the dark room became this indescribable safe feeling for me.  Many years and a few cameras later I  finally conceded this was more than just a hobby.  It became a literal way to show the world, as I saw it, to another person.  I'v always felt a little odd, not quite in place, like a piece to puzzle that doesn't exist.  Art helps me both to understand and be understood.

In September of 2014  I began in earnest, buying books, magazines, and classes to deepen my knowledge of photography.  Most important, however, would be the many hours I'd dedicate to taking and editing photographs.  Seeking out locations and light to bring the world in closer.  Slowly I noticed that people went out of their way to talk to me about my photographs, sometimes my photos would be enough to make them want to visit a new part of Minnesota they hadn't seen before.  This solidified the idea that my art was a way to help people see the world a little differently.  

Wile much of my passion falls into the realm of outdoor photography, I am still enthusiastically exploring as many different aspects of photography as I can.  Do you have an idea for a shoot?  Let me know!  I'd love to try.  

Photograph of me by Rachel Jackson 

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Contact Me

Email: Francisdproductions@gmail.com

Phone: 612-710-3200

Photograph  of me by Rachel Jackson